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Currently, the A+ Head Office is based in South Africa where over 40 000 students have been taught to date. The first branch in Australia will be opening in early 2020 and a subsidiary company has been registered in the UK with the view of opening the first Multi-Unit franchise during the latter half of 2020.A+ Students is a Japanese method of education which teaches children from as young as 2 1⁄2 years (30 months) to solve complex Arithmetic problems through the use of the abacus (soroban) and through the use of its own dedicated range of PLAY MATHS products.How does the program and courses benefit the student?Boosts self confidencePowerful brain and skills developmentGreater mental and memory capacityImproves concentration and listening skillsCreates a love for mathsEnhances problem solving capacityGreatly enhances creativityGross and fine motor developmentCan increase IQImproves photographic memoryPromotes intuitive thinkingA+ Students’ courses and methodology are aligned with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) which takes centre stage in the Global Education Picture.$100 Billion + MarketResearch by GLOBAL INDUSTRY ANALYSTS suggest that by 2018 the Global Tuition market was worth $100 Billion and growing.This excludes the value of formal education! The Global Education census report of 2018 conducted by CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL confirmed the importance of STEM education with analysis showing that Maths is the most studied subject, with 88% of students taking the subject followed by the English language with 84%, Chemistry at 65%, Physics at 63% and Biology at 59%Sadly the truth is that many students don’t reach their full potential due to the lack of a proper solid foundation in the early leaning phase during the informative years.Unique and ExclusiveMaster Franchise opportunities are lucrative and prestigious but seldom available. A+Students is inviting applications from suitable companies and candidates who wish to take up the exclusive rights to a unique and trade mark protected opportunity in their area, region or country.Master Franchisees/Multi Unit operators will enjoy the use of the proven A+Students methodology, course materials and all other intellectual property.Income is generated through the sale of franchises, supply of learning materials and a monthly royalty stream.Master Franchisees/Multi Unit operators will also enjoy the benefit of the experience A+Students has gained through its International affiliations with PAMA Global (Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association) and the ISDF (International Soroban Diffusion Federation)A+Students is a member of FASA (South Africa Franchise Association) and encourages Master Franchisee to become members of the own countries Franchise Associations.OUR ACHIEVEMENTSMEA award for Best Maths Education Company in South Africa 2019.MEA award for Innovation in Mental Arithmetic Training 2019.2nd Place achieved by an A+ student at the Mental Calculation World Cup held in Germany 2019.2nd Place achieved by an A+ student at the Mental Calculation World Cup held in Germany 2018.Champion of Champion trophies achieved by students at the PAMA Global competition since 2010 against 13 different countries.Numerous champion, gold, silver and bronze awards at various international competitions.What is the market for this type of education?Abacus education is a very large and growing industry. It is a 2000 year old system so it is proven and robust. It is generally accepted that the Eastern countries outperform the Western countries in maths. Early childhood education and the Abacus is the secret.Why is A+ Students expanding?With the success achieved A+ would like to share its Methodology and Intellectual Property (IP) assisting with the advancement and quality of Maths education worldwide. We are also a business and profit is still the ultimate aim. Our strategy is to achieve growth through international expansion by providing profitable business opportunities with a high Return on Investment (ROI)What are the contract terms?Contracts are for a 10 year period with the option to renew for a further 10 years.Will the IP, Copy Rights and Trade Marks be protected?Yes. A+Students Head Office will hold the rights and ensure protection and exclusive use to the Master Franchisee.What is the cost of a Master Franchise or Multi Unit operation?The Franchise Fee is determined by analysis of the specific country/region or area in terms of population, GDP and potential number of branches which can be opened. Costs are discussed on an individual basis according to requirements.What is included in a Master Franchise deal?A variety of items and services are included in a Master Franchise including:-Exclusive and protected rights to the area/region or country .Visits to the country by A+Students Head Office to assess, analyse and advise on the market and the opening of the first branch.Comprehensive training to the Master Franchisee on how to open and operate the first branch as well as the franchise as a whole.Complete branded and shop fitted first branch including opening stock. The first branch will be used to showcase the franchise and business by the Master Franchisee to sell further franchises.Training for the Master and its nominated staff in terms of courses materials, products and presenting/ teaching the A+ methodology.Full training to the Master’s trainers so that they can train franchisees and staff in the region.Full use of the A+ Trade Marks, Copy Right course material, Marketing know-how and Intellectual Property.Assistance with Marketing and getting the first branch up and running.Dedicated support systems such as the A+Students custom built student management IT program.How does the Master Franchise earn its income?Through income from the first branch.Through selling franchises and earning the franchise fee.On-going royalties from its franchised network.Supply of stock and materials to its franchised network.What are the royalties charged to the franchisees?A+Students charges its franchisee a royalty of 25% based on the number of students taught.Are there any other costs for the Master or Multi Unit Franchisee?Yes. A percentage of the franchise fees for all franchises sold and a percentage of the royalties earned are also payable to the A+Students Head Office.Does the Master Franchisee need to be an Educator or Teacher?NO. It would be beneficial but it is not a requirement as full training is given. A+ Head Office has a sophisticated and highly developed set of tools and has perfected the methodology for operating the business and training its people enabling them to teach the enrolled students.What is the R.O.I?R.O.I. is dependent on the number of franchises sold and the number of students each individual franchise enrolls. It is also dependent on the effort put in by the Master Franchisee. The model is sound and very profitable both for the Master Franchisee and its Franchisees.No major additional investment is required for stock as orders are done on a needs basis and the stock does not get old or expire. As with any business venture, risks are involved but these are minimized by the effort of the operator and ensuring the business and Franchisor has a sound track record and also that there is a market for its products and growth potential in the envisaged country.