AtmosEffect Fitness


Franchise Name: AtmosEffect Fitness

Industry: Health, Beauty and Fitness, Other, Mobile, Home-Based, Sports and Entertainment

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Franchise Location:

Investement Level: $25,000 – $50,000

Years in Business: Yes


Operating Units:

Available in: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming

About AtmosEffect Fitness Franchise:

AtmosEffect® Fitness, a new and innovative mobile fitness concept that is reinventing the definition of a gym, announced today the launch of its national franchise opportunity.A proven concept in the Tampa Bay, Florida market and one of the first pop-up gym franchises in the U.S., AtmosEffect® has extensive market and growth potential. The concept offers consumers the opportunity to have a private, convenient and highly effective fitness experience that comes right to their front door. The days of commutating to the gym, sharing space and waiting for equipment are over. AtmosEffect® specializes in at-home personal training (outdoor and indoor), outdoor boot camps, custom event experiences, corporate fitness and also offers virtual personal training options powered by Zoom. The concept addresses most of the common barriers that keep people from exercising and reaching their goals, namely, “gym-phobia”, a lack of time, a lack of know-how and accountability. Program success rates and the results achieved of the AtmosEffect® clientele are truly remarkable.  “Because our mobile gym experience comes to the client’s location and all workouts and programs are led by a Certified Personal Trainer, many of the common obstacles that typically prevent someone from exercising are removed and our clients are able to achieve amazing results,” said Kerven Germain, Co-Founder and Lead Fitness Coach of AtmosEffect®.  AtmosEffect® Fitness is one of the rare businesses that was not only able to survive the Covid-19 pandemic but was able to thrive through it. “We had to pivot and make adjustments as all businesses and people did during the pandemic but because the core of our model is based around at-home, outdoor and virtual fitness services, we were able to fill a void and serve a need that our brick-and-mortar counterparts were not able to, due to shutdowns and consumer sentiment,” said Co-Founder, Joel Balaban. The franchise model provides a unique and fresh opportunity for personal trainers, gym managers, fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to become gym owners and to standout in the fitness industry with a concept that offers true differentiation. Without the need for any brick-and-mortar and the fact that the franchise model offers some of the lowest start-up costs and lowest overheads in the fitness industry, this franchise system is truly a winner. The brand is projecting to have 250+ franchise units sold in the first five years.To learn more, visit and AtmosEffect Story:The brand was founded in 2018, out of the friendship of Co-Founders Joel Balaban and Kerven Germain and out of the need to find solutions to common problems in fitness. Kerven’s dream as a personal trainer was to open his own gym and Joel came alongside Kerven to help him think through how to make that dream come to life. It was quickly realized that the cost of opening a competitive brick-and-mortar gym was far out of Keven’s reach. Rather than let the dream die, Joel and Kerven decided to pivot and developed an affordable mobile fitness concept that allowed Kerven to walk out his passion and realize his dream of owning his very own gym. AtmosEffect® Fitness has been serving clients with its consumer-centric, mobile and virtual fitness services ever since.   The AtmosEffect Founders:The founding members comprise a diverse team with backgrounds in fitness, hospitality, engineering, business and leadership. Co-Founder, Lauren Balaban, said, “Our mission is to transform lives within the communities we serve and our vision is to be way-makers for fitness passionate people everywhere, just like Kerven, by removing barriers and helping them to realize their dream of owning their own fitness businesses. It is really exciting to see both the mission and the vision coming to fruition.”