Beignes d’Antan


Franchise Name: Beignes d’Antan

Industry: $50,000 – $100,000

Website: CA


Franchise Location:

Investement Level: Ontario, Quebec

Years in Business: 15

Training: yes

Operating Units:

Available in: 15,5,yes

About Beignes d’Antan Franchise:

Délices d’Antan first started as a family business back in 2003 when the Harnois family took over a small artisanal bakery in rural Berthierville, Quebec. In the years that followed, their famous potato donuts became wildly popular, and their fame quickly took them beyond the borders of the Lanaudière region. Following on that success, the concept went in a new direction with the opening of the “P’tit Délices” (which translates as “Small Delights”) mini-bakery. This is essentially the same idea as the food trucks, but is permanently installed in a strategic location. The first stand is located at Montréal’s Premium Outlets in Mirabel and is very popular. Délices d’Antan wants to take its Beignes d’Antan banner to new heights by creating thirty or so stands across Quebec, mainly in touristic areas.