Caffe Artigiano


Franchise Name: Caffe Artigiano

Industry: Retail, Restaurant

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Franchise Location: 778.657.5322

Investement Level: $100,000 – $250,000

Years in Business: 21

Training: Yes

Operating Units:

Available in: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan

About Caffe Artigiano Franchise:

Just over 20 years ago, Artigiano – then aka Caffe Artigiano, formed the centre of coffee culture in Vancouver. Our European bravado was known internationally, as we attracted a very loyal following of Vancouverites, celebrities, and the hearts and minds of the coffee industry, back when the movement began. We were known for our vibrant welcoming environment, the amazing quality coffee, and naturally the beginning of a new trend that would soon take over the coffee scene with our skills in latte art.We spent many years building on our early successes. In time, we expanded our cafe network well beyond our back yard. Since then, the coffee world, and the world for that matter, has changed. The coffee business today is full of an array of very attractive coffee spaces, and at the same time, a world of fast food and disingenuous coffee experiences. What they all lack is the same – a quality mastery of coffee, and the true trade of being an artisan. Art is in our DNA, and Artigiano in 2020 is again returning to the excellence we have always been known for. We don’t use automatic espresso machines. We don’t pass off low quality products to our guests in pretty displays.Artigiano takes pride in every single product we sell, and in every beverage we create. We only source local partners with the best ingredients. We take our time. We like conversation. We select our farmers around the world, by being a loyal long-term partner in their business through good times and bad. We roast our own unique blends that nobody can duplicate. We use tools like thermometers on every shot, and we deliver our loyal guests a consistent and perfect cup of coffee – every time. This is our continued commitment to our name, and to the true trade of being a craftsman in coffee. Thousands of baristas have come through our cafes over the years, and they have all contributed to what we are today. For that, we are thankful. We now hope to recreate this coffee culture for the next generation.Let’s have coffee.