Cake Box Franchise

Franchise History

It is a chain of cakes and desserts that was first established in a small shop in London in 2008. Its objective was to make cakes and sweets without using eggs and without changing the flavour. It was a success immediately, and a year later it began to franchise. The company grew and began to open new stores. It established a good number of stores in 2016 and 2017, and from that moment, it opened 2 to 3 stores per month.

  • Year Business Began: 2008.
  • Franchising Since: 2009.
  • Headquarters: London, England. 
  • Estimated Number of Units: More than 120.
  • Number of Employees: Not provided.


Cake Box is a brand that has grown rapidly, establishing more than 120 branches in a few years. It has innovated the way to make eggless cakes healthily and keep the same flavour. In this way, people who like to eat healthily can also become customers.

Each month, it opens between two and three stores allowing it to grow much more in a short time. It plans to establish more than 200 stores in the coming years throughout the United Kingdom.

Cost Information 

The costs will depend on location, store design, equipment, marketing materials, employees and more:

  • Initial investment: £ 120,000.
  • Franchise fee: £ 29,995 plus VAT.
  • Configuration costs: £ 70,000 plus VAT.
  • Management service fees payable: £ 200 per month.

Is it safe to invest in Cake Box? 

Yes, it is safe to establish a Cake Box franchise because almost 100% of the UK population can consume their cakes and desserts. Also, it offers guarantees as it provides a complete training program that will help you start the business and be profitable in the future.

Training & Support

The training program consists of 3 weeks at the Headquarters Training Academy to learn about ways to operate a Cake Box franchise before starting work. The Cake Box team, specifically the Training Manager and the Regional Business Development Manager, will provide you with advice on marketing, customer service, administrative management and more so you can manage your franchise. The franchisee must attend the forums held by the company every two months to update on the new products offered by the brand.

How to Apply for Cake Box Franchise ?

To make a franchise consultation, you must fill out the form at

and then the Cake Box team will contact you. After that, you will have to perform several steps that you can find at to continue the process.