Chaiiwala Franchise

Franchise History

It is a brand of Indian fast and informal food restaurants with the sale of drinks such as tea, coffee, etc. Its origin dates back to 1927 when the first coffee was sold in Delhi. The brand was established as Chaiiwala in 2015 by opening its first store in Leicester, United Kingdom. It began to franchise in 2017. It has a short history but has influenced in a short time in several parts of the United Kingdom.

  • Year Business Began: 2015.
  • Franchising Since: 2017.
  • Headquarters: Leicester, England, United Kingdom.
  • Estimated Number of Units: More than 15.
  • Number of Employees: Not provided.


It is a very young brand that has opened more than 15 units in the United Kingdom in a short time. It aims to expand much more in the United Kingdom by establishing at least 45 franchises by 2020. Similarly, it intends to extend its services to India by opening between 150 and 200 outlets by 2025.

The director of Chaiiwala believes that the potential in India is much higher due to a large number of people there will be in 5 years.

Cost Information 

The initial investment will be approximately £ 150,000 to open a franchise. As it is a brand that has only franchised for two years, it does not offer much data on extra costs. You must contact the company to receive more information.

Is it safe to invest in Chaiiwala? 

It is safe to invest in Chaiiwala because it is a reliable brand that has grown rapidly in a few years and has been very successful. Therefore, it has a significant growth margin. It provides the necessary training and has the vision to expand its business in the coming years.

Training & Support

It offers a franchise package that will help you run your business in the most profitable way possible. It contains:

  • Tips on where to locate the store.
  • Characteristics of the place.
  • Logistical support.
  • Training manuals to know how to treat staff.
  • Knowledge in administrative management.
  • Marketing training methods to establish a network of fixed customers.

How to Apply for Chaiiwala Franchise ?

The Chaiiwala team will contact you after you fill out the form at