Church’s Texas Chicken


Franchise Name: Church’s Texas Chicken

Industry: Restaurant


Phone: 980 Hammond Dr Suite 1100 Atlanta, GA 30328United States of America

Franchise Location:

Investement Level: $250,000 – $500,000, $500,000 – $1,000,000, >$1,000,000

Years in Business: 52

Training: 600

Operating Units:

Available in: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan

About Church’s Texas Chicken Franchise:

The Church’s Texas Chicken® Story!Our founder, George W. Church, proved to be a visionary by embracing A  PHILOSOPHY OF OPERATIONAL SIMPLICITY.What that means is a limited menu, a tool for every task, employees with clear responsibilities and a firm grip on operational costs. It’s a philosophy that  Church’s Texas Chicken® is proud to follow even today, because it  works. We deliver our product profitably, at low cost,  and with A MORE EFFICIENT USE OF CAPITAL  AND EMPLOYEES.Thanks to Mr. Church, we have been cooking up a Texas legacy since he opened that first restaurant in San Antonio, Texas in 1952. Ever since, we have been Serving really good chicken to those who enjoy really good chicken. The Texas Way. In fact, we are the only restaurant brand that brings the legendary flavorful taste of Texas to the world!  We are serving the great taste of Texas now in more than 1,500 restaurants in more than 25 countries!  So, why do our customers and our franchisees love Church’s Texas Chicken®?  At Church’s Texas Chicken®, we deliver authentic traditions, bold tastes and straightforward, consistent food you can trust. After all, we’re more than chicken. We’re the rugged territory forged by sun and terrain. The crisp, satisfying bite of a meal earned through hard work. The feeling of community that comes through shared moments and simple pleasures.We’re the taste of Texas and we can’t be mimicked. We’re real but not boring. Simple but not basic. Familiar but always surprising. That’s why no matter the day, no matter who you’re with, you’re eager to c’mon over, give your chicken a spicy jalapeño squeeze, and share some hearty sides. It’s why our taste always delivers, time and again. Why our food means more than hand-crafted meals that harken back to simpler times. It means wide-open spaces, brought to you by people who value tradition and value what’s real, fresh and full of flavor.Simply put … we create the crave for the authentically unique flavor of Texas   Our tradition is Texas. And it’s yours for the enjoying. Every day, with every crunchy, craveable bite.We know we outshine the competition, so we hold fast to the unique proposition that we deliver in the market.We bring a lot to the table. Hand-made, fresh-fried, perfectly flavored food with quality that is unsurpassed. Our taste is bold yet comforting and our spice brings a unique zing to the taste buds.We’ve stayed true to our way of doing things — The Texas Way. Our roots go back for decades, giving proof to our tradition. It’s why our franchisees are an extension of the family! Everything’s bigger here — our confidence, personality, flavor, servings, sides, you name it. There’s no shortage of food with ‘tude. But the real magic is that The Texas Way is simple. Nothing extra — just enough to repeatedly deliver comfort and perfection, from our warm, signature Honey-Butter™ biscuits to our hand-crafted, small batch fried chicken.Everyone’s welcome to enjoy their meal to their liking…but we know the right way to eat fried chicken! It’s a spicy bite and squeeze of the jalapeño that takes it to an unexpected next level. Could be shared, sure, but we totally get keeping it all to yourself. We believe in tradition and flavor for all.Come join us and be a part of Our Texas Way! LEGENDARY, HAND-CRAFTED MEALS.BIG, BOLD FLAVOR.UNIQUE, MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES.Join us and be a Church’s Texas Chicken® franchisee leader … BRINGING THE FLAVORFUL, LEGENDARY TASTE OF TEXAS TO THE WORLD!