Continuous Touch


Franchise Name: Continuous Touch

Industry: <$25,000 Website:

Phone: 404-963-9671

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Investement Level: 11,yes

Years in Business: 11


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About Continuous Touch Franchise:

ContinuousTouch strives to be your one stop shop for any communication need. We specialize in Hosted Business Phone Systems but have stocked several technical engineers, Marketing Specialist, and elite sales agents to support a diversified client base. We take it upon ourselves to be responsible for generating the highest customer satisfaction with their Hosted Business Phone System solutions and will not stop until we do!VISIONOur objective to continually look for better ways for our customers to do business in an ever changing business environment. By making our customers a success it makes Ct Phone Systems a success. Every customer we add to our Hosted business phone systems makes our longevity stronger. Every new product we put out to our customers creates a greater synergy. We strive to bring our customers closer to us rather than pushing them away. That is why we have no contract, stabilized pricing, easy to read bills,  and why we are always striving to making things better and easier for our customers