Crazy King Burrito, North America


Franchise Name: Crazy King Burrito, North America

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Franchise Location: 813 Highland Ave St. Joseph, MI 49085United States of America

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About Crazy King Burrito, North America Franchise:

Crazy King Burrito is a new franchise to  North America, being introduced to both the United States and Canada in 2020. The original restaurant, located on the island of Cozumel, Mexico was founded in 2013.  For many years the North American approach to Mexican cuisine has been to copy or even worse, simulate something close to the delicious meals served in Mexico, and then to “Americanize” them. This way of doing business has worked for a few franchises because of low pricing which requires the acceptance of low margins tied with extensive and expensive advertising campaigns.  The philosophy behind Crazy King Burrito is not only much different, it’s also very simple.  First, we provide the very best tasting authentic Mexican food.  To do this we realize that we cannot provide every Mexican food recipe.  Instead we’ve focused on one type of item, wrapped burrito’s and burrito bowls.  We provide the authentic Mexican burrito ingredients that actually taste good rather than tasting cheap.  We use secret recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next.  We serve our  burritos with freshly made authentic tortillas actually made in house with your order.  And we insist on the tastiest foods prepared daily.  Our very unique sauces require peppers known to grown in only one location in the world to assure the best sauces possible.At Crazy King Burrito we prepare our foods with only the highest quality ingredients.  Every item used in our food preparation is very specifically designated with the most  secret of these being available only through the franchise.  And in this same vein of quality control that we want to assure the success of our franchisees.  Our pricing is uncomplicated and with high margins.But we’re not only about high quality foods at reasonable prices, we’re also offering a business with incredible profit margins.  While most businesses suggest a 5 year payback on investment, our model suggests and one year payback or less depending on the build out expenses.  This is a business you’ll be proud to be a part of.  Profits are high enough to pay your staff reasonable salaries while still putting six figures in your pocket year after year.  And although you can certainly work in your store if you like, we are not selling you a J O B.  This is an investment requiring only 2-3 staff plus a manager to operate.  Jump in with us on the ground floor…’ll never look back.  This is a fun, exciting business opportunity that you will be proud to be a part of.  No experience necessary, your franchise includes full and ongoing training.  Low franchise fees.  Great tasting food.  An investment you will be proud to be part of ….  WE ARE CRAZY KING BURRITO