Creams Franchise

Franchise History

Adam Marni and Balal Aqil, who were the founders of Creams, began to establish a business in 1998. They had difficulties at the beginning, but after several investigations, tastings, and trips to Italy, they consolidated their business system. In that way, they established Creams in 2008 in the United Kingdom, and in 2012, they began to franchise. The objective of the company is to offer the best desserts, ice cream, juices, milkshakes, and more created with a unique recipe of Creams.

  • Year Business Began: 2008.
  • Franchising Since: 2012.
  • Headquarters: London, England.
  • Estimated Number of Units: More than 30.
  • Number of Employees: Not provided.
  • Industry: Food


It has managed to grow exponentially in a few years, with more than 83 established sites becoming a big chain of desserts and ice cream in the United Kingdom. Today, there are more than 30 franchisees, and some of them operate with brands such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Costa, KFC, and Papa John’s. It aims to establish 300 stores by 2022.

Cost Information 

The prices vary between £ 285,500 and £ 400,000 depending on site specifications, location, and store size. The investment to open a kiosk is from £ 100,000 to £ 150,000. The costs to start a Creams Emporium vary around £ 400,000 and £ 500,000. Usually, you must pay an initial fee of £ 14,995 without VAT for the territory where the franchise will be established. Also, the brand requires a royalty rate of 5% and a marketing rate of 1% of net sales.

Is it safe to invest in Creams Franchise? 

Although it has a few years of history, it is safe to invest in Creams because it has grown tremendously with more than 30 franchises in the United Kingdom. It plans to open 300 in the next four years, and anyone can have the opportunity to be a franchisee. Besides, it offers a training program that will help you establish a successful franchise.

Training & Support

A Creams team will provide the franchisee and his staff with a 21-day intensive training program through classes, courses, and workshops. In the end, you will receive a certificate.

The company also provides you with a support team that will help you recruit new staff and advise you on issues of advertising, marketing, administrative management, purchase and sale management, customer service, and more. When you buy a Creams franchise, you will receive a package with all the tools, accessories, signs, fees, signage, project management costs, and more.

How to Apply for Creams Franchise ?

To apply, you must fill out the form at

and the Creams team will contact you as soon as they receive your request. The whole process and choice of place will take between 2 and 3 months.