Fairway Divorce Solutions


Franchise Name: Fairway Divorce Solutions

Industry: Financial Services, Other

Website: https://www.fairwaydivorce.com/franchising/start-a-franchise


Franchise Location: 101 6 St SW Suite 125 Calgary, AB T2P 5K7Canada

Investement Level: $50,000 – $100,000

Years in Business: 11

Training: 9

Operating Units:

Available in: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon

About Fairway Divorce Solutions Franchise:

What Is The Fairway Opportunity?Fairway Solutions is Canada’s leading divorce mediation and dispute resolution company for: Separation and DivorceBusiness ConflictsEstate PlanningElderly & Succession ResolutionFairway Solutions is a premium service at an affordable price operating through a boutique panel of mediators and resolution experts. Our Franchise Partners are intimately involved in the marketing and management of each Fairway Solutions location and personally take an active role in relationship building with their clients throughout the local community.Fairway Solutions has disrupted the way couples settle conflicts. Using our proprietary products and processes, referred to as “INR” or Independently Negotiated Resolution, Fairway is able to:Reduce the time taken to resolve casesSignificantly Reduce the Costs associated with DivorceReduce Stress for both partiesProtect the Children in those messy casesWe take couples Independently through a step-by-step process that is designed to bring resolution in ALL areas of dispute – in a way that protects assets AND relationships.Our Success RateHelping Families & Businesses Financially and EmotionallyWe do not compromise on quality. Our teams of Chartered Mediators, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Certified Financial Planners, Parenting Coordinators and Family Lawyers all work together to guarantee our clients get the best possible outcome.Since its inception, Fairway maintains to have over a 90% success rate. We care deeply about our clients.The Fairway “INR” system has proven to significantly reduce the time it takes to reach a satisfactory resolution with almost all cases reaching a resolution within 120 days of disclosure.Becoming a Fairway Franchise PartnerYour 1st Location…Fairways Franchise Partners are able to open multiple locations as they grow their mediation service franchised business. Initially, they will scale their first  location by adding additional resolution specialists to their team. Once they have a proven footprint within the community, we will work together, if desired, to locate additional offices to continue growing their presence within their chosen market-place.Fairway Solutions is an extremely scalable business as your marketing, client referrals and word of mouth efforts continue to attract new clients.