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Years in Business: 12


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About Fancy Art NFP Franchise:

Mr. Vodin’s entry into the art and framing business is the culmination of a lifetime of experience. Born and raised in his parents’ restaurant business; he learned a lot about human nature at an early age, as well as the operation, controls and efficiencies necessary to operate a successful retail business. At age seventeen, he took a sales position with “Great Books of The Western World” a division of “Encyclopedia Britannica.”  Within a year he became divisional trainer for the Chicago central office, responsible for training management candidates. Then, to help in his mother retire, he opened a lounge (bar) in their dining room adjoining the restaurant; within a year, “The Burgundy Room” had become one of the busiest night spots on the south side of Chicago. Mr. Vodin served four years in The United States Marine Corp. as an Airborne Missile Control Systems Technician (radar) – a rigorous and intense one-year course equivalent to a four-year college electronic engineering degree, in addition to also receiving his college GED. After his release from the service, he returned to college, but soon took a management position with a small chain of two discount health and beauty supply stores; as the corporate manager, he built it to nine stores within one and one-half years; at that time, it was larger than Walmart and the national sales manager of Proctor and Gamble visited the stores to learn more and study our business operations, which later became the model for The Riteway Discount chain. For purposes of brevity, Mr. Vodin also partnered in manufacturing a successful line of children’s furniture, worked in auto sales, computer office system sales, and as a commodity broker.              These vast and varied life experiences served Mr. Vodin well upon entering into the Art and Custom Framing industry. He quickly realized the selling aspect was a complex, cumbersome, and time consuming process which burdened sales. Thinking outside the box, Mr. Vodin developed a computer program that walks the customer through the framing process seamlessly, thereby reducing the stress and anxiety of making a buying decision; this program has served Fancy Art, *N.F.P. and its clients well for the past twenty plus years. Over that time, many marketing innovations have been added; he eliminated waste and inefficiencies, evaluated and maximized the buying power for the firm. He refined both the physical and verbal presentation to make it easier for Fancy Art, *N.F.P.  patrons to make a buying decision; he was also able to streamline the production and processing of orders. Fancy Art, *N.F.P. is poised to bring a twenty-first century approach to the Art and Custom Framing industry allowing its franchise to stand head and shoulders above the competition – offering a greater selection at a lower price, while at the same time maintaining a strong mark-up for its franchisees.