Franchise Name: FlagFranchise

Industry: Business Services

Website: https://flagfranchise.com/en-ca/


Franchise Location: C.P. 25022Sherbrooke, J1N 0N1Canada

Investement Level: Ontario, Quebec

Years in Business: 2016

Training: N/A

Operating Units: N/A

Available in: 2016,N/A,N/A,N/A

About FlagFranchise Franchise:

FlagFranchise is offering a web-based tool to match franchisors and prospective franchisees. 7 criteria are used to assess the compatibility between franchisors and prospective franchisees. The tool is FREE for prospective franchisees.

Many subscription packages offered to franchisors (annual subscription, paid per qualified candidates subscription, implantation of our tool to your web site, and so on).

We also offer concrete solutions such as: adaptation of the concept, market and competition analysis, analysis of successful franchisee’s profile, initial or ongoing training, etc.