German Doner Kebab Franchise

Franchise History

It is a fast food retail chain that specializes in the exceptional preparation of kebabs. It was created by Kadir Nurman in Germany in 1989 to offer a wide variety of unique and healthy kebabs. It began to franchise in 2013 in Dubai and from that moment it had rapid growth, settling in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman, Bahrain, Switzerland and several other countries. It opened its first franchise in the United Kingdom in 2014 and later, in 2019, in the United States and Canada.

  • Year Business Began: 1989.
  • Franchising Since: 2013.
  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany.
  • Estimated Number of Units: More than 60.
  • Number of Employees: Not provided


It has grown tremendously by establishing more than 60 stores in Europe and the Middle East. It has estimated sales of more than € 2.2 million per day and € 3.5 billion per year. Its goal is to become the largest brand of kebabs in the world by opening more than 1,500 stores worldwide in the next ten years.

Cost Information 

The costs will depend on the size of the place (between 1,300 and 1,500 square feet), kitchen size (400 square feet), stock, equipment, seats (over 40) and more. The estimated investment ranges from $ 320k to $ 450k, and the company requires the franchisee to have liquid capital of $ 250,000. In addition to the above, the franchise fee is $ 25,000.

Revenue Estimates

Depending on the size of the store, the number of seats and number of employees per day, a weekly income of $ 19,290 is estimated.

Training & Support

The German Doner Kebab team will help you throughout the training process so you can adequately manage your franchise. They will offer you advice about site selection, store design, staff treatment, advertising, marketing, and social media campaigns. They will provide you with all the tools so you can attract as many customers as possible.

How to Apply for German Doner Kebab Franchise ?

To inquire about the franchise, you must fill out the form at, or you can also write to