Subway Franchise

Franchise History

It is one of the largest and most important restaurant chains in the world that offers especially submarine sandwiches and salads. It was created by Fred DeLuca, a high school student at the time, who had received a $ 1,000 investment from Peter Buck, who was his friend and future partner.

They established the first restaurant called Pete’s Super Submarines in Connecticut in 1965, United States. Three years later, it began to be called “Subway.” They had established approximately 16 stores in the area, but their goal was to have 32, so they decided to start franchising under the SUBWAY® brand n 1974. From that moment, the franchise expanded nationally and internationally in countries such as Bahrain, the United Kingdom, Australia, countries of America, and many more.

  • Year Business Began: 1965.
  • Franchising Since: 1974.
  • Headquarters: Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States.
  • Estimated Number of Units: More than 42,000.
  • Number of Employees: 492,000.
  • Industry: Food


It has become the largest submarine sandwiches chain in the world, with more than 42,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. It has expanded and innovated its products by offering a wide range of healthy sandwiches of various flavors to all the people of the planet.

Intending to continue to provide the best experience to its customers, Subway is carrying out a project to remodel its restaurants. It is offering $ 100 million to speed up the process. Nowadays, more than 1,400 restaurants and 900 have been renovated, waiting for the end of 2020 to reach 10,500.

Cost Information 

The costs will depend on the number of employees, merchandise, place where the franchise will be located, size, marketing, and other factors:

  • Initial Investment: From $ 120,000 to $ 350,000.
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $ 15,000 (the United States and Canada), from $10,000 to $15,000 (outside of North American countries).
  • Net-worth Requirement: From $ 80,000 to $ 310,000.
  • Liquid Cash Requirement: From $ 30,000 to $ 90,000.
  • Ongoing Royalty Fee: 8%.
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 4.5%.

Profit Estimates

A Subway franchise can generate an annual income from $ 420,000 to $ 500,000 depending on the location and number of customers.

Training & Support

Subway offers a training program at its headquarters of at least two weeks for the franchisee to acquire all the knowledge necessary to run the business. The person who performs the training must have perfect attendance, a qualification that exceeds 80% in the courses, and an average of 80% in the classroom.

Also, the brand supports the franchisee to keep him updated through online courses and weekly newsletters, and besides, it offers advice at all times.

How to Apply for Subway Franchise ?

To apply, you must fill out the form at and the Subway team will contact you.