Tim Hortons Franchise

Franchise History

It is a chain of fast-food restaurants created by Tim Horton in Canada in 1964. It specializes in offering doughnuts and coffee but also provides other products. In 1967, Horton began to franchise the brand by partnering with Ron Joyce (first franchisee). After Tim died in 1974, Ron bought the company’s shares and continued to expand his franchise network throughout Canada.

Over the years, it expanded the menu by adding new articles. In 1995, it expanded to the United States merging with Wendy’s International Inc. Today, it has grown throughout 14 countries with more than 4,846 restaurants.

  • Year Business Began: 1964.
  • Franchising Since: 1967.
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
  • Estimated Number of Units: More than 4,846.
  • Number of Employees: More than 6,00


It is a recognized brand worldwide that has established more than 4,800 restaurants. It plans to expand and modernize the franchise system throughout Canada and other countries to improve the experience of franchisees and customers.

It is estimated that the project will cost approximately CAD 100 million and will allow more than 150 new jobs. Some of the places where this plan is to be implemented are in Alberta, British Columbia and Debert (Nova Scotia).

Cost Information 

The costs will depend on the number of employees, merchandise, place where the franchise will be located, size, marketing, and other factors:

– Net worth: $ 500,000.

– Unencumbered funds: $ 100,000.

– Franchise fee: $ 50,000.

– Weekly royalty fee: 6% of gross sales for the term of the License.

– Monthly advertising levy: 4% of gross sales during the term of the License.

The business to acquire the franchise is established by a 20-year contract.

Training & Support

First of all, the brand will offer you two days of experience in a Tim Hortons restaurant so you can understand how the franchise works. You will have to do training that will last between 3 to 5 weeks to learn how to manage your franchise profitably.

That training will take place at the central office in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. They will advise you to select the best location and design of your store and will support you in marketing and advertising issues.

Can I open a Tim Hortons Franchise?

It is a franchise that takes its business very seriously looking for qualified people who have the corresponding investment to start the business. Also, the franchisee must have experience in the administrative area (related to food), leadership to manage the business and treat staff correctly, know how to recruit qualified people and more.

How to Apply for Tim Hortons Franchise ?

To apply, you must fill out the form at

https://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/corporate/submit-franchise-application.php following the four steps indicated on the website. Subsequently, the Tim Hortons team will contact you to discuss issues about the franchise.