TinyTalk Franchise

Franchise History

It is a school created by Katie Mayne in 2002 to teach and show other mothers to communicate with their children through signs. Katie was an elementary school teacher and a deaf teacher. She started teaching his son Harry sign language, and when the boy learned to use them, Katie realized his goal with TinyTalk.

In recent years, she developed many methods to teach through music, games, and more. The school has grown and now has 130 teachers in the United Kingdom and offers approximately 500 weekly classes to a large number of families.

  • Year Business Began: 2002.
  • Franchising Since: 2002.
  • Headquarters: Guildford, United Kingdom.
  • Number of Employees: 130.


It is capable, thanks to the help of 130 teachers, of giving 500 classes weekly to 7000 families. It provides care for children and the opportunity for mothers to communicate with them through signs. That is achieved through many methods that include games, musical moments, sensory activities with balls and bubbles, and more. It has 130 different signs to teach babies and continuously innovates to develop more.

Cost Information 

The costs of a TinyTalk franchise depend on the place, training, and equipment to develop the classes. The prices will vary according to the aspects mentioned above from £ 1,500 to £ 10,000. The owners must pay an extra percentage monthly or annually to the company. For more information about the investment, you can contact them here https://www.tinytalk.co.uk/contact.php.

Profit Estimates 

Profits have not been provided by TinyTalk. In any case, everything will depend on the number of classes given per month.

Is it safe to invest in TinyTalk?

Of course, it is safe to invest. It is only necessary to train and then contact TinyTalk to verify the investment to be made.

Training & Support

TinyTalk looks for people passionate about this job. It will provide expert advice on training, mentoring, and teaching signs. It offers workshops and courses about the proper care of children and also material to use in the classes.

How to Apply for TinyTalk ?

To apply, contact TinyTalk through